Traveling with Children

5 Tips For Traveling With Your Children

Tips for Traveling with children
Tips for Traveling with children

Family vacations are special times every year, but they can be challenging for parents get through. Flying is particularly difficult and can cause significant levels of stress for the whole family. Unfortunately, for many vacations there is no way around going through the airport and flying by private jet is way beyond most of our wildest dreams. Nevertheless, there are a few of things you can do to make the airport experience a little less stressful and not be the cause of arguments. The following tips are very simple to prepare for and will not end in significantly increased costs. Ultimately the trade-off will be a significantly happier day of traveling.

1) Book Your Seats Early. To avoid being divided into different rows and even areas of the plane you should regularly pre-book your seats. While little ones up to the age of two usually are seated on a parent’s lap, this is not always the case with children over two. If you are delayed in any way on the way to the airport, you won’t be guaranteed seats together. Make sure to plan for this in advance.

2) Allow For Extra Time. Whether you’re traveling with teenagers or trying to deal with a baby, you will need to allow for extra time at the airport. Going through security takes longer the more people you are traveling with and with increased security procedures, this can take several hours if the lines are long. The last thing you want to have happen is to end up hurrying to your departure gate only to then be told that you have missed a flight.

3) Check Into An Airport Lounge. When traveling with little children, it is much easier to deal with the airport in one of the lounges. Most people don’t know that you do not need to be traveling business class to gain access to a lounge. The benefits are that for a comparatively modest fee you will have a nice, quiet environment. Snacks and drinks are also available. Many lounges have a small play area and other kid’s entertainment.

4) Have Little Surprises For The Flight. No matter how old your kids are, they will appreciate receiving a small gift. For younger children this can simply be a new book or pens for drawing. Depending upon the age, the child’s attention span will differ. So you might want to bring along more than one small surprise. For older children, you may end up spending a little more, such as on a new game for a portable console or download a few new songs ahead of time to listen to.

5) Do Not Hurry Off The Plane. When’s the last time you got to the luggage carousel to have your suitcase is already there? Almost never, right? So when the plane arrives at the gate, just stay put and wait for everyone else to push their way off. Especially with young kids, it is not important to be part of that hassle of being first off the plane.